A quad bike can be used for several purposes, they are popular in the agricultural industry as they make work on the farm a lot more convenient. Whether you want a quad bike for farming or for something a little more serious, it is important to choose a good quality vehicle. The type of quad bike you choose should fit your specific needs.

Quad Bikes

A quad bike is a four wheeled vehicle that is used throughout Australia for all kinds of activities. Some people buy them for work-related needs, while others take them off-road or onto the roadways, depending on their legality. One of the most popular quad bikes for agriculture is the 2020 Kodiak 700, made by Yamaha. It is a heavy-duty machine that helps with all kinds of tasks on the farm.


Generally, a quad bike is used for agriculture. It is perfect for all kinds of difficult terrain as it sits on four low pressured tyres and it has a seat that is designed to be straddled by the rider. Because of its low centre of gravity, a quad bike won’t fall over, and it is easy to operate. A quad bike or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is popular with farmers as it bridges the gap between trucks and tractors.

In addition to the farming sector, ATV’s are used in a range of industries, such as:

  • Lifeguard Patrol
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Medical Services

Many people also use quad bikes for fun, as they are great for exploring the wilderness alone or with a group.


Quad bikes are popular in a diverse range of industries for good reason, they are easy to maintain and simple to repair. If something goes wrong with your ATV, it can be repaired in no time. The cost of parts is far lower than other vehicles.

All-Terrain Vehicles

There is a reason they are called ATVs. For example, farmers use them to get around their land with ease. A quad bike can tackle all types of landscapes as they are primarily built to go off-road.

ATVs make getting around challenging terrain easy, they are designed to carry heavy loads and they are beneficial to all kinds of industries. They are safer than motorbikes because you travel on four wheels as opposed to two. Quad bikes are perfect for short journeys because of their speed and useful design features. They can be used for work or play, depending on your preference.

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