Are you looking to hire a crane for your commercial or private lifting requirements? Are you wondering about different types of cranes available in Western Australia? Maybe you are researching whether a mobile crane could be used for a project you have planned. Here we will discuss some different types of cranes available for hire in and around Perth.

The 4 Main Types of Crane

Cranes are broadly sorted into four categories:

  1. Mobile cranes
  2. Overhead cranes
  3. Tower cranes
  4. Loader cranes

Before hiring a crane, it is essential for the safety of you and your team that you research which type of crane you require. Speak to a range of crane hire companies in Perth to ensure you get the best advice.

Different Cranes for Different Jobs

Mobile cranes – These are designed not only to lift heavy objects but also to be easy to manoeuvre into tight positions that other cranes may not fit in. They are the most common type of crane you will see, and consist of an extendable boom which is mounted onto a solid platform. These cranes are used for most conventional construction and building projects and are easier to construct and use than some other types of cranes.

Overhead cranes – These are commonly used in factories to lift very heavy objects such as machinery. Due to the substantial nature of their load, the hoist is often set on a trolley that moves in one direction along beams. As they are positioned above the load and lift, they are often called suspended cranes.

Tower cranes – The tallest type of crane, tower cranes are used around the world in the construction of tall buildings such as inner-city skyscrapers. The most towering tower cranes can rise over 250 feet in the air and reach out up to 230 feet from their anchor pad. Many modern buildings will have tower cranes built or installed inside the building as it is being constructed.

Loader cranes – Arguably the most versatile and operator-friendly of the four types of crane, loader cranes are used to load and unload bulky goods to and from vehicles. They boast a hydraulically powered articulated arm that is employed to transfer materials to a truck, ship, or platform. Due to their articulated arm, they can work in tight spaces.

Whatever your job entails, make sure you talk to a crane specialist to ensure the correct piece of machinery is hired for your situation. Remember, cranes can cause injury and death, so ensure your crane is operated by a qualified professional.