We all remember the first time we bought our first car, and it was a time that we look back on with fond memories. At that time, buying a used-car was a bit of a minefield, because second-hand car dealers were not to be trusted. However, all that has changed dramatically, and when you buy a used car nowadays, you can have firm peace of mind knowing that the miles on the clock are exactly as they say, and the car is service history is 100% accurate. Second-hand car dealers nowadays, understand the importance of their reputation, and they will do anything to protect it and that includes giving you the best car for the money that you have.

Many choices.

Buying a used car nowadays is somewhat easier because there are quite a few car lots, that are offering cars for sale in Canberra. We are kind of spoilt for choice, because there are many different brands to choose from, many different colours, and in some cases, the vehicle comes with a dealer warranty as well. Buying a used car as opposed to a brand-new one, makes more sense as it offers many benefits that we will discuss here today.

  • Lower price – You can make significant savings on the purchase of a used car, because the moment a new car is driven out of the showroom, it loses almost 30% of its value immediately. This means as the buyer, you will get to buy a car that is only two years old, and save yourself many thousands of dollars.
  • Fantastic condition – Used car dealers ensure that they have the best cars on their lot, and many used cars are no older than five years old. The miles on the clock are not a great issue, because modern cars are built to last. A vehicle with 100,000 miles on the clock will still have an engine that can do thousands more miles easily.

Save yourself thousands of dollars and the peace of mind knowing that the used car that you buy, will have a full service history and look brand-new.