If you are planning to ship a motorcycle then you could consider the motorcycle shipping services. There are so many companies offering the motorcycle shipping services these days. Some of them offer the best services, while some don’t. Whether you want to move a few miles away or completely out of the country, choosing the shipment services can benefit you in several ways.

One of the leading motorcycle companies, which can help you find reliable transporters, is Ship a Car, Inc. In fact, they are popular for safe shipment services. What is the approximate motorcycle shipping cost? It might cost around $300 to $700 for 1000miles.

The shipment charges generally depend on various factors like –

  • Distance i.e., the destination.
  • Motorcycle model.
  • Deadline for the delivery.
  • Additional coverage.

Do motorcycle shipment companies provide home delivery?

Most of the motorcycle shipping companies provide door delivery services. However, there are few residential areas, which generally have narrow streets. It would be difficult for the trucks to move in such streets. In such cases, your transporter will ask you to meet in the nearby parking lot.

How to prepare your motorcycle for shipment?

Before your transporters arrive to your pick-up location, you must prepare your motorcycle for the shipment. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is check the pre-existing damage.

The advantage of documenting the condition of your bike is you can avoid any problems during the insurance claim.

  • Make sure that you clean your motorcycle properly.
  • Note for any dings, chips, cosmetic damages and chips.
  • Take a piece of paper and write down all the problems related to your vehicle.
  • Click some pictures of your vehicle from different angles. This will help you get a clear idea about your vehicle. Share a copy of these pictures with your transporter as well.

It is important to tell your transporter whether your vehicle is in good working condition or not. If it is not in a working condition then inform your transporter about it because they may have to drive your vehicle into a trailer for transportation sometimes. Take care of the below things to move your motorcycle successfully.

  • Inflate the tires.
  • Charging your vehicle battery is also important.
  • Fill at least 1/4th or ½ gas tank.
  • Fix if you find any fluid leaks.

Most of the transporters provide 2 options to their clients if they want to ship their motorcycle to a new place. They are open carrier services and enclosed carrier services. Open carrier services are generally meant for short distances, while enclosed carrier services are meant for long distances. Which option is better? Enclosed carrier services provide better safety to your vehicle than open carrier services.

When you choose open carrier services, your vehicle might get damaged due to changes in weather like heavy rainfall etc. Hence, if your current location is far away from your new location, try the enclosed carrier services. Your motorcycle weight and size will also be considered when it comes to the shipment charges.

Hire the best motorcycle shipping company today to receive your vehicle safely at your destination!