Adhering to building safety standards is essential when it comes to saving lives and not getting in trouble with the law. But, abiding by government rules is not always enough to keep your building safe, you can go beyond the recommended protocol and take matters into your own hands. You can take preventative measures to ensure your commercial or residential property is safe with fire resistant paint.

Stopping Fire in its Track

One of the main reasons to use protective coatings in Perth that offer fire resistance is to limit the spread of the fire. Fire continues to spread, and it can quickly get out of hand and destroy multiple buildings. Fire resistance coating is designed to emit a gas that stops the fire from growing and form a protective layer around material. Some do one of the above, while others are designed to carry out both safety features.

Protect Other Material

The great thing about fire resistant coating is that it protects material underneath. Even when the temperature is at its hottest, the paint will form a char over material and protect it from the flames. It works by carrying a coating that reacts to high temperatures. When the temperature levels rise, the coating transforms to protect the material it is covering. Depending on the intensity of the fire, the protective paint can last for well over 1 hour.


Did you know that fire resistant coating can be applied to all kinds of industrial equipment and materials? If you think operating components or equipment may come into contact with a flame, you can have everything protected with a fire-resistant coating. All sorts of building material can be layered with protective coating, including:

  • Steel
  • Hardwood
  • Stone
  • Plasterboard

It can be applied to construction equipment, industrial equipment, and all kinds of building materials.


Another big benefit of using fire resistant coating is that it can be applied when needed. It is perfectly fine to paint over old, regular paint with a new coat of fire-resistant paint. It will not affect the paints insulating properties and it will provide material with added safety.

There you have it, several reasons why fire-resistant coating should be used in any industry where fire or heat can be an issue. It can be applied to all sorts of materials and equipment, boosting fire safety measures, and protecting your equipment and personnel. In some cases, fire resistant coating can be the difference between life and death.